Jean Dwyer-Smith LMT
Massage Therapy
Welcome to my about me page  !  
 My name is Jean Dwyer-Smith and I graduated from Nashua Community College in May of 2015 with my associates degree in Holistic Massage Therapy. I love helping people become pain free without medication and helping them relax.
my skills include swedish , reflexology, deep tissue, myofacial release, Hot / cold stones and trigger point
I practice in Nashua NH .

I can be found on facebook, massagebook, emailed at, and phone number 603-930-3828

Why people should choose me? 
my approach is simple, help people feel better and live happier lives through massage therapy. People underestimate the importance of relaxation and the effects it can have on the body, here are some reasons why de-stressing and taking time for yourself are important:

Physical benefits include:
relaxes the body                                                            Emotional benefits include:
calms the nervous system                                              reduces anxiety
lowers blood pressure                                               enhances self image
reduces heart rate                                           provides a feeling of well being
slows respiration                                         nurtures and stimulates emotional growth
loosens tight muscles 
stretches connective tissue
reduces chronic pain
improves skin tone
increases red blood cell count
relieves tired and aching muscles
                                                       Mental benefits: 
improves muscle tone                                         reduces mental stress        
relieves cramped muscles                                       promotes quality sleep 
speeds recovery from injury                                     improves productivity   
reduces tension headaches                                      improves concentration  
increases tissue metaboilism                                     induces mental relaxation       
decreases muscle deterioration
speeds recovery from illness
increases range of motion
speeds elimination of metabolic waste
increases blood and lymph circulation
stimulates release of endorphins ( feel good hormones )
strengthens the immune system
reduces swelling
improves posture

        If you have never had a massage before, what have you got to lose? :)
If you have had a massage before you know how great you feel afterwards and that it should be part of a regular wellness routine :) So book your massage today !


Hours of Operation:
Monday   6pm-8pm
Tuesday  12pm-7pm
Wednesday 12pm-7pm

I do not offer thursday, friday, saturday or sundays apts

please email me at jdwyersmith15@gmail or call or text me at : 603-930-3828